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How To Identify An Unhealthy Relationship

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Sometimes, we don't realise we are dealing with an unhealthy relationship until we take a step back and do some reflection.

Nobody wants to admit that they are in a relationship that doesn't seem to be working, and it can be difficult to identify the signs that the situation isn't going particularly well.

unhealthy relationship don't always have to spell disaster, and they don't necessarily mean you have to break up with your partner. 

Sometimes, identifying the issues in a relationship can be the perfect springboard for further discussion to repair the situation. In some situations, it may be wise to identify issues, try to come to a solution, and if you can't move on knowing you've cleared the air.

Before you make any major decisions, look at our tips  on how to identify an unhealthy relationship.


  • You Apologise Constantly
  • You Don't Make Each Other Laugh
  • You Argue Constantly
  • You Don't Spend Time With Each Other
  • Your Partner Makes You Cry
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How To Identify An Unhealthy Relationship
How To Identify An Unhealthy Relationship


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