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Meditation for Letting Go of Regret

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Find a restful position and close your eyes.

Let the tension in your body melt away.


Scan your body and take note of what you’re feeling.

If there are any spots of tension, soften and release them.


Take note of your breath.


And out.

Notice your lungs expanding and contracting.

Feel your chest rising and falling.


Now picture yourself holding a box.

In this box are the regrets of your past.


You know you can’t change what’s in the box.

Just as you can’t change what happened in the past.


But you can learn from your experiences.

Forgive yourself for what you may have done in the past.

Accept yourself wholly and completely.


Give yourself permission to feel differently.

More present.

More loving.



You can also move on from the past.

You don’t need to carry around the heavy box full of regrets.

You don’t need to be burdened by what has already happened.


Picture yourself setting the box down.

You close the lid, sealing the regrets inside.

Now turn your back on the box.

And walk away.


Feel the lightness of your body.

You’re no longer carrying around regrets.


You’re free now.

Free to choose joy.


The past doesn’t define your present or your future.

You’re at peace with the past.

You can move forward with joy.


Open your eyes.

Go forth without regret.


Caret Down
Meditation for Letting Go of Regret
Meditation for Letting Go of Regret


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