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Meditation For Calm

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Meditation for Calm


Lie down in a relaxed, comfortable position.

Close your eyes and feel the floor or bed beneath you.

Bring your attention to your breath.

Notice it rhythmically going in and out.


Feel your body begin to relax.

Your muscles release the tension they’re holding.

Immerse yourself in the present moment.


Now picture a lake.

Maybe it’s one you go to frequently.

Maybe it’s from a photograph.

Or maybe it’s from your imagination.


Bring the image of the lake into focus in your mind.

Notice how the light dances on the surface of the lake.

The sunlight strikes the water and reflects like glittering jewels.


Sometimes the lake is calm and glassy.

Perfectly reflecting everything that passes over it.

Birds, clouds, sun, moon, stars.


Other times, the surface is choppier.

As the wind blows, waves move across the surface.


During the winter, the surface of the lake might be frozen over.


Our minds are often like the surface of the lake.

During difficult times, they become choppy and upset.

But under the surface, calm is always available.


In your mind, hear the gentle sound of the water lapping against the shore.

Again, and again, the water comes forward and then retreats.








No hurry. No rush.


As you listen to the sound of the water, feel the sense of calm in your body and mind.

You are at peace.

You’re not hurried or rushed.


Listen as the birds in the trees softly chirp.

Feel the breeze brush lightly against your skin.

Look at the light dancing on the surface of the lake.


Continue viewing the lake for a few minutes more.

Let the peace and calm envelop you.

Notice how it fills your soul. 


Now bring your attention back to your breath.

Slowly breathe in and hold the breath for a few seconds.

Slowly exhale, feeling any leftover tension melt away from you.


Open your eyes.

You are calm and at rest.


Caret Down
Meditation For Calm
Meditation For Calm


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