Magnetic Hairpins Bracelet

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Are you tired of finding hair pins all around the house, in the car, and up your vacuum hose? Now you can keep track of all those run-away bobby pins thanks to this Magnetic Hairpins Bracelet!


Specially designed with a magnet so strong that you could simply toss a hair clip toward the surface and the bracelet would catch it. This Magnetic Hairpins Bracelet is a must have for hairstylists or anyone who constantly fixes their hair as it allows you to work more efficiently!



It is comfortable to wear, fits all wrist sizes, and offers a convenient place to hold your materials while keeping your hands free!



Key Features:

  • Strong magnetic wristband can hold many objects and keep your hands free
  • Easily attaches to your wrist and fits securely
  • Perfect for holding hairpins, screws, nails, bolts, and small tools
  • Soft and comfortable to wear
































































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