Silicone Bath Brush Massager

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Bathing and cleaning your body to feel fresh and stay clean is a part of our daily routine. It is easy to clean the front part of your body but reaching your back and scrubbing it is nearly impossible. This Silicone Bath Brush Massager is exactly what you need for easily washing and massaging those hard-to-reach spots on your back or feet!

The Silicone Bath Brush Massager deep cleanses your pores, removes dirt, excess sebum, and dead skin, which makes your skin smoother and healthier. Not only that, but it also improves blood circulation and revitalizes your skin.

Unlike sponges, loofahs, and wash cloths, the silicone material of this scrub dries quickly which reduces the chance of bacteria surviving on it and makes it the safest and most hygienic option.

Key Features:

  • Massages your back and feet while exfoliating your body
  • Improves blood circulation and revitalizes your skin
  • Strong suction cups hold the mat in place
  • Made of food-grade silicone, free of BPA and no harmful substances
  • Provides a deep cleaning effect wherever you scrub
  • Suitable for all ages and types of skin