Precision Power Electric Screwdriver

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Electric power screwdriver guarantees you a professional electronic devices repair experience. The screwdriver is one of the highly reliable electronic device repair tools. Electric power screwdriver is a suitable repair tool for both small and medium screws. 


8-Speed Adjustable Torque 

 Using the correct speed will not damage the sophisticated equipment. 1-4 Torque: Suitable for repairing smartphones, watches, or glasses. Torque 4-6: Suitable for repairing cameras, tablets, shavers, or keyboards. Torque 7-8: Suitable for repairing laptops, mixers, or game consoles.

Quality Material

Aluminum alloy shell, anodized surface. 8-speed adjustable torque:, speed: 395r/min. MAH: 800 mA, rated output voltage: 3.7 V, duration: 3H. Rechargeable lithium battery: No need to replace the battery, just use any Type-C plug.


  • Anti-skid, anti-dirty, corotation, and reverse.
  • Double power mode, double efficiency.
  • New lithium battery 800mAh, strong power, continuous output, durable.
  • A wireless charge is more convenient.
  • 395r/min, big power output.
  • PVC plastic storage box, multimode storage, easy to carry.

The Package includes:

  • 1 * Screwdriver
  • 1 * USB cable (Only Model JM-Y02)
  • 40 * Screwdriver bit