Beauty and The Beast Eternal Roses

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Beauty and the Beast fans, these roses are a must-have! These roses are a symbol of true love. Our eternal roses are a limited edition design. Be the belle of the ball with these forever roses.

Beast Eternal Roses

A sumptuous rose is the ultimate symbol of romance and luxury, which is why we’ve made this Royalty Luxury Health and Beauty product so special. It combines our highest quality rose petals with the finest gold foil, and a silver leaf dome to create the most luxurious present any loved one could receive.

Beast Eternal Roses


  • These beautiful roses will never wilt or die.
  • These roses are made of Galaxy Rose and Gold Foil Roses, giving them a shiny, golden appearance.
  • The glass dome will help keep them fresher for longer.
  • Although, this dome is made of galaxy rose which is the rarest, most precious material in the galaxy. It is not just glass but holds all properties that glass has and much more, including the ability to change color.

Beast Eternal Roses


Material: Galaxy Rose/Gold Foil Rose, Glass Dome, Wooden Base

Color: Red; White; Pink; Purple; Blue; Yellow

Product Size: Galaxy / Foil Rose Dome - 4.92 * 9.05 in;

Black Base / White Base/ Doll Rose Dome - 3.93* 8.66 in;

Silk Rose Dome - 3.93 * 7.87 in



1 * Rose Dome (Note: the batteries are not included in the package)

 Beast Eternal Roses