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eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimisation Executive Summary

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If you want to make more money from your online store, what's the best way to make that happen? 

First, you can try to get more traffic to your store. Presumably, more visitors equals more sales, right? This method of increasing sales has been used for years in both brick-and-mortar and online stores.

However, more sales don't necessarily mean more profit.

Your conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who purchase from you.

You can almost always improve the conversion rate on your website.

Let's say that, using CRO, you're able to increase your sales from three out of 100 visitors to six out of 100 visitors.

CRO relies heavily on A/B testing.


  • Price Anchoring
  • Implement Numerous High-Quality Images
  • Create Highly Detailed Product Descriptions
  •  Include Customer Reviews
  • Make Checkout as Simple as Possible
  • Provide Assurances To Customers
  • Make it very Easy to Contact You
  • Draw Attention to Items that are On Sale
  • Offer Numerous Payment Options
  • Create Abandoned Cart Email Sequences
  • Create A Sense of Urgency
  • Make it Really Easy to Find Products
  • Optimise the Shopping Experience for Mobile Devices
  • Instant download to your smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Exclusive to Royalty Luxury Health and Beauty. 


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eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimisation Executive Summary
eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimisation Executive Summary


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