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Meditation for Stress Relief

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Sit in an upright position, comfortable, with your spine elongated.

You can either sit with your legs crossed in the traditional position for meditation or in a chair if you need back support.


Look around and become aware of what surrounds you.

See the things that are still, like furniture and walls.

Notice anything that’s moving as well.


Take in the different colors, shapes, and textures.

Observe how the light hits different objects.


As your gaze goes around the room, fixate on a particular spot with your eyes.

Blink slowly as your gaze remains in one place.

Each time you blink, feel relaxation wash through you.


Now let your eyes slowly close.

Do you feel the warmth of relaxation gently sweeping over your body?


Let your awareness settle on your breathing.

Feel the air going into and out of your lungs.

Notice how your lungs and belly expand and contract as you breathe in and out.


With each breath, feel your body relaxing.








Your muscle tension is decreasing as your body comes to rest.


Breathe in deeply and hold the breath for five seconds.

Then exhale. Picture the stress leaving your body.

As you gently blow out, you are also blowing away the stress you’ve been holding.


Repeat the process:

In, hold for five seconds.

Out, blow the stress away.


From this moment forward, you are choosing to be relaxed and calm.

You are choosing to be in control.

You are choosing to be peaceful and healthy.


Say to yourself:

“I choose calm. I choose peace. I choose rest.


I am more aware of the good things in my life than the things that cause stress.

When I begin to feel the push of anxiety, I set both my body and mind at rest.


When negative thoughts arise, I challenge them.”


As you continue, take control of unhelpful, unproductive, negative thoughts.

The moment you become aware of them, say, “STOP,” to yourself.


When you say, “STOP,” it halts the negative thinking.

It allows you to restart your thinking with positive, affirming thoughts.


When negative thoughts or emotions arise, acknowledge them and then let them go. Realize that they don’t help you or strengthen you.


Continue gently breathing in and out.

Notice your lungs expanding and contracting.


Feel your muscles relax and release.

Anxiety and tension have no place in your life.

You are at peace.


If anxieties or worries come to mind, don’t actively try to push them away.

Instead, gently acknowledge them and then let them continue on their way.

You will deal with them at the appropriate time.


Now open your eyes and observe your surroundings again. Feel the ground or chair under you.


Take a final deep breath in, hold it for five seconds, and then let it out.


Now stand up and go about your day, at ease with yourself and the world.


Caret Down
Meditation for Stress Relief
Meditation for Stress Relief


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