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Meditation for Sleep

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One of the most common causes of sleeplessness is a mind racing with thoughts.


But instead of trying to immediately and completely shut your mind off, think through each thing one more time.


When a thought arises, acknowledge it.

Then let it go.


Give each thought a moment of attention.

Then say, “Now it’s time to leave.”


If a thought arises for a second time, let it slide past without engaging it.

The more you let them go, the less repetitive they’ll get.


Your thoughts no longer have control over you.

As your worries and concerns fade to the background, you feel lighter.


Now draw your attention to the peaceful sound of your breathing.

It sounds like a gentle breeze. Like the lapping of ocean waves.

In and out.

Your breathing continues to slow, falling into a gentle rhythm.


You’re more relaxed than you’ve been in a long time.

You’re ready to fall into a sweet sleep.


Your mind is no longer racing.

Your muscles are relaxed.

Your breath is slow and steady.


Feel the softness of the pillow beneath your head.

It is warm and welcoming.


Feel the bed beneath you, supporting your body.

Designed to help you rest and rejuvenate.


The sensations of sleep are flowing over and through your body.

Your mind is still, like the surface of a lake on a calm day.

Your muscles are loose and relaxed.


You deserve a deep, sound sleep.

You deserve rest and peace.

You deserve to feel rejuvenated when you wake.


You feel like you’re floating.

Let this feeling carry you to sweet places.

Your dreams are wonderful.


Sleep comes to you very easily.

Your loved ones want you to sleep well.

You deserve to sleep well.


Let everything else fade away.

Noise. Thoughts. Worries.

They’re all gone.


Sleep well.



Caret Down
Meditation for Sleep
Meditation for Sleep


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