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Meditation for Muscle Relaxation

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Find a relaxed position, sitting or lying down.

Take a gentle, slow, cleansing breath.

Exhale, letting any tension flow out of your body.


Observe your breath and feel it going in and out.




Now feel relaxation begin to flow into the soles of your feet.

Maybe it feels like warm water.

Or a pleasant tingling.

Or just a feeling of peace and calm.

The relaxation moves up from your feet into your ankles.

Then it flows into your lower legs, up into your knees, into your thighs.


Let your muscles become loose.

Tension dissolves and your body is at peace.


The relaxation continues flowing upward.

Hips. Stomach. Lower back. Upper back.


Release any tightness in your upper arms, elbows, lower arms, and wrists.

The palms of your hands relax. Your fingers and thumbs are relaxed.


Now let your shoulders become loose.

Relax your neck and jaw.

Feel your mouth, cheeks, nose and eyes relax.

Your eyebrows relax.  Now your forehead.

Now your ears and the top of your head relax.


Your whole body is now at peace and rest.

You are relaxed from the top of your head to the soles of your feet.


Now let your spine relax.

Start at the top where the spine joins the head.

Now the warm feeling moves down into your neck.

Into your upper back and down into your middle back.

Your lower back loosens and even your tailbone is relaxed.


Breathe in and hold the breath for a few moments.


Gently breathe, in and out.

Relaxation in, tension out.


Slowly scan your body, looking for any areas of tightness.

If any areas feel tight, let relaxation flow into those muscles.

Feel the tension going away, flowing out of your body.

Visualize your breath cleansing your body from any tension.


Feel your body at rest and ease.

Enjoy the sensation.


Now slowly let your breathing return to normal.

Become aware of your surroundings.

Go about your day, enjoying being relaxed.


Caret Down
Meditation for Muscle Relaxation
Meditation for Muscle Relaxation


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