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Meditation For Giving and Receiving Care

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Close your eyes and focus your attention on the present.

Scan your body and notice any sensations you’re feeling.


What do you hear?

What do you smell?


Simply observe your experience in the present.

Now bring your attention to your breath.

Feel the air going in and out.





Notice your chest rising and falling.

With each inhale, feel yourself taking in acceptance.

With each exhale, feel yourself letting go of self-judgment.


You breathe in love.

You breathe out self-criticism.


Continue breathing like this for a few moments.

Inhale peace.

Exhale anxiety.


Now breathe in and give yourself forgiveness.

Breathe out and release resentment.


Now visualize yourself with those you love.


With each breath in, take their pain and frustration.

With each breath out, give love and acceptance.


Visualize yourself radiating compassion toward those around you.

Inhale their pain.

Exhale forgiveness and joy to them.


As you care for yourself, your peace and happiness increases.

As you care for others, they too experience deep rest and joy.


Continue this practice of receiving and giving love for a few moments.

Then let your breathing return to normal.


Open your eyes.


Caret Down
Meditation For Giving and Receiving Care
Meditation For Giving and Receiving Care


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