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Investing Making Your Dollars Work For You

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Dividend-paying stocks can be a great choice for the right investor. Receiving that quarterly dividend check is satisfying. However, dividend-paying stocks aren't always the best option. There are several circumstances in which investing in stocks that pay a dividend is a mistake. It's possible you're one of the investors that shouldn't be looking at dividend-paying stocks now.


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  • What is a dividend?
  • When are dividend-paying stocks a mistake?
  • It's the wrong type of company.
  • The company is out of cash
  • The company's record of paying a dividend is spotty.
  • How well has the company met its earnings projections in the past? 
  • Interest rates are too high.
  • When growth is more important to you than income 
  • When the tax status of your account makes dividends less attractive
  • Additional tips for investing in stocks that pay dividends


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Investing Making Your Dollars Work For You
Investing Making Your Dollars Work For You

CHF 4.00

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