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Save Thousands On A College Education Ebook

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John Dewey once said "education is not preparation for life; education is life itself." While that may be a very commendable statement to live by, for most of us, getting a college degree is perceived as the difference between having a good life or a mediocre one. 

However, earning a degree can be an expensive and lengthy business. Some of the things you may need to spend money on are:

  • College tuition fees
  • Textbooks
  • Accommodation and living costs
  • Exam fees
  • Campus fees
  • Material costs
  • Online access fees
  • Possible late fees and penalties     


  • Jump Start Your Degree Program With CLEP Exams
  • CLEP Exam Details
  • Take Dual-Credit Classes While You're Still in High School
  • take Some or All of Your Courses Online
  • Juggling Schools and Class Options to Get a Better Deal 
  • Work-Study Programs
  • Scholarships
  • In-State Residency
  • Government Aid: Student Loans and Grants
  • So What Do You Do Now?
  • saving You Money
  • Saving You Time and Money
  • Some Concluding Comments
  • Instant download to your smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Exclusive to Royalty Luxury Health and Beauty.  


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Save Thousands On A College Education Ebook
Save Thousands On A College Education Ebook

Dhs. 38.00

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