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Mortgage Payment Review Sheet

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Just because you have a 15, 20, or 30-year mortgage doesn't mean that you have to take that long to pay it off. Even sending in one extra payment per year and having the mortgage company apply it to the principal can take years and tens of thousands of dollars, off of your payments during the course of your loan. 

Let's look at some numbers to exemplify how much you could save in time and dollars by sending in a little extra cash each month and applying that to the principle. 

Keep in mind that the monthly payment is only a portion of your mortgage payment that gets applied to your loan. 

Your mortgage payment may also include funds that go into escrow for your property taxes, home insurance, and mortgage insurance. Subtract these charges from your monthly payment to determine the actual portion that goes toward your loan or check your monthly statement for the correct amount. 


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  • Monthly extra payments example
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Mortgage Payment Review Sheet
Mortgage Payment Review Sheet

Dhs. 4.00

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